Welcome to New Zealand Genomic Observatory Data Warehouse

little barrier island New Zealand Genomic Observatory project aims to produce a comprehensive phylogenetic and environmental characterization of the terrestrial species in a well-defined New Zealand model ecosystem using modern sequencing, informatics, niche modelling and field ecology approaches. The project is a collaboration between several universities and research centres in New Zealand and Australia, the Department of Conservation, Auckland Council, and iwi, and internationally as part of the Network of Genomic Observatories. It also aims to provide a long-term research program structure for collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects at the intersection of ecology, evolutionary biology and genomics.

A key piece of the puzzle in a large distributed research project like this one is bioinformatic support for the research team and stakeholders. For this reason a key output of the project is a database and web application allowing robust and agile access to the research data. To achieve this mission, an accessible and robust web service is developed to enable shared access to relevant data from the field, lab and bioinformatics parts of the project. The first release of this infrastructure uses a web development technology known as Grails + MySQL. A Cloud architecture is proposed in the near future to improve the service and handle large data. The first version of this web service includes three parts: A pilot project has been completed on 2011.